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Project objectives

The main objective of LIBERANOS is the creation of an International Interfaith Network, which will allow the main actors of faith to coordinate their efforts with the work of other actors in the fields of the fight for Human Rights, against human trafficking, prostitution, pimping and pornography.

This innovative, multicultural and interdenominational project is aimed at:

  • Churches around the world
  • Religious organizations
  • Research centers, congregations
  • Universities
  • Media
  • Schools
  • NGOs
  • Religious shelters for victims
  • Cultural organizations

The objectives are the following :

  • Education of the general public.
  • The mobilization of the concerned actors.
  • The invitation to set up common projects.
  • The coordination and strengthening of the means available to develop these projects.

A second phase of this project is being launched under the leadership of Bishop Sanchez-Sorondo, Chancellor of the Academy, Prof. Stéfano Zamagni, President of the Academy, Jean-Sébastien Mallet, President of Liberanos, and Alejandra Scelles, coordinator in Spain and in charge of youth projects.

The main objectives are to :

  • To make this topic more important on the international agenda
  • To combine the efforts of states, civil society, religious communities, businesses, and international organizations.
  • Develop national action plans that include all elements to be covered. (Internet, youth at risk, asset forfeiture, corporate involvement, reporting, etc.)
  • Have each state systematically measure its efforts,
  • Focus on reducing root causes and expanding prevention,
  • Replicate best practices in local languages with necessary cultural adaptations.

5 main targets have been identified :

  • Everyone, because no one is not affected
  • Young people, by age group, to bring about a generational change
  • Women in the affirmation of their fundamental rights
  • Men, invited to reflect on their conception of masculinity
  • Parents, in their specific role of accompanying their children’s education