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The Liberanos Project and the creation of an interfaith anti-trafficking and prostitution network began back in 2016.

This project was conceived by three religious authorities: the Pope for the Catholics, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby for the Anglicans and the Rector of the Great Mosque Al-Azhar for the Muslims.

A great deal of work has been done by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences represented by Monsignor Sánchez Sorondo (Papal Spokesperson), Ms. Gabriella Marino and the Pontifical Academy team.

They worked closely with several grassroots religious organizations, such as the USMI, and the Talitha Kum Network, with 47 member organizations.

The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences has organized more than 17 conferences and meetings bringing together more than 300 experts from over 70 countries and has thus accumulated a unique and multidisciplinary knowledge of this multi-dimensional subject.

Reminder of the main conferences:


The full proceedings of these conferences are available at: