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religieux ensemble

International Interreligious Network for the Abolition of Prostitution

Liberanos is an International Interreligious Network that unites Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Muslims, Jewish, Hindus and other religions, must invite their communities to mobilize against these crimes. The main goal of the project is to enable the faith’s top leaders to coordinate their efforts and their work on fighting for Human Rights, against human trafficking, prostitution, pimping and pornography.

“Together, in honor of our faith traditions, we recognize that trafficking and modern slavery violate the fundamental belief that all people are equal, deserving of equal freedom, respect, and dignity. In solidarity with victims and survivors, we are committed to inspiring spiritual and practical action by all the world’s religions to end abuse, exploitation, and trafficking, everywhere.”

Interfaith Declaration, Rome, December 2014.

The Letter of Support from Monsignor Sánchez Sorondo to the Liberanos Project

Pope Francis' Video on interreligious dialogue January 2016